just some trees i saw, sucker for easy photoshop

quick and easy food i’ve made lately

photo by eddie guiterrez

photo by eddie guiterrez

photo by eddie guiterrez

photo by...me.

just picklin' around

tonight i’m cleaning, working on small works pieces and doing some pickling

i have 12 pieces completely done for the small works show. some more that are almost done !

i have been getting sweet packages from some friends lately and it’s awesome, i just sent some out yesterday !
western mass soon. want to see haley and want to go to the hadley flea market.

oh and yeah, john baizley is always dope. i would get his stuff tattooed on me….if i had money.


i just applied for some cooking jobs, i would love if that worked out, i’m gonna keep trying everyday though ! i can’t work in better places until i get more experience even though i would have to say i’m a damn good cook and i know a lot of people who would agree !

i’m also looking for any types of internship/volunteer opportunities with local farms, food programs, etc. let’s go !

this is a picture of the tomatoes at backyard farms in madison, maine ! gimme.

stacey cramp for nytimes

photo by joshua bright for nytimes

doesn’t this room look really sweet to eat, drink and hang in ? (raoul’s NY)