just some trees i saw, sucker for easy photoshop


i have 12 pieces completely done for the small works show. some more that are almost done !

i have been getting sweet packages from some friends lately and it’s awesome, i just sent some out yesterday !
western mass soon. want to see haley and want to go to the hadley flea market.

oh and yeah, john baizley is always dope. i would get his stuff tattooed on me….if i had money.


i just applied for some cooking jobs, i would love if that worked out, i’m gonna keep trying everyday though ! i can’t work in better places until i get more experience even though i would have to say i’m a damn good cook and i know a lot of people who would agree !

i’m also looking for any types of internship/volunteer opportunities with local farms, food programs, etc. let’s go !

this is a picture of the tomatoes at backyard farms in madison, maine ! gimme.

stacey cramp for nytimes

photo by joshua bright for nytimes

doesn’t this room look really sweet to eat, drink and hang in ? (raoul’s NY)

i saw this picture online somewhere the other day, can’t remember where but i saved it to my desktop, i like it, this room looks crazy.stained glass hobbit house

this past week or so has been wild, i would even say gnarly in the best sense of the word. i walked outside of my house one day and i felt the door hitting something and it was a bouqette of flowers from joey for our one year anniversary !

joey came back from bucks’ US tour and tanya, amelia and i met up with the guys in brooklyn and then went to a party in some loft where they were playing. i got to see colleen play and i bought her tape, it’s really cool, joey and i listened to it last night while sitting at the beach in my car and it ruled. one of the bands that played was totally lame and played for way too long. the singer was wearing a dress, oooh coool you’re so weeeird. there was also a bald guy there who asked me if i watched star trek and if he reminded me of jean luc picard, i said “no, not really.” then chris, joey and i got lost driving to their friend dave’s place to sleep over but we got there and his cat was climbing all over me while i tried to sleep for 2 hours before we drove home.

i’ve been way into henry darger again lately, the stuff i’ve been working on for the small works show will probably show that though (fundraiser for the survival of 119 gallery dudes !)

by henry darger

isn’t that cool ? if you’ve never looked at his work, do yourself a favor and get on it !

speaking of darger, i’m gonna read and put on this !:

"in the realms of the unreal"

i’ve never seen it before but i’m excited !